5 Basic Exercises for FtMs

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The 5BX Plan – Five Basic Exercises – was devised by Dr. Bill Orban for the Royal Canadian Air Force in the late 1950’s.
The Plan is composed of 6 charts arranged in progression. Each chart is composed of 5 exercises which are always performed in the same order (warming-up and stretching is included in this order of the exercises) and in the same maximum time limit.

The idea is that you perform these exercises for only 11 minutes a day to achieve a reasonably high level of fitness.

Post here and keep up with others doing these daily quick exercises.


Can we all try to be polite to the new gym goers in 2014?  No one likes a crowded gym but no one likes a complete asshat either.

BE NICE to people that are just starting out because maybeeee if they feel comfortable and not like they’re constantly being judged and laughed at, they’ll stick with it.

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asparethought asked: How effective has 5bx been for users? do people actually gain muscle or is it more endurance and strength that they gain? I'm 25yrs old weigh 73kg (161lb) and 6 foot tall. I want to gain a bit of muscle, but mostly stay lean. Is this the right program?


5BX was made for the Royal Canadian Air Force. It’s for military folk — so it should work for your goals. It’s a minimalist program though, and if you want to get bigger than that, look at other bodyweight exercises too. :) You Are Your Own Gym is pretty good. 

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Can we only exercise now with expensive elliptical trainers?

Or did 5BX just offer fewer dating opportunities?

"dharthung" on comments about 5BX

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What excuse are you over coming right now?

If you’re not working out, you’re making excuses. Quit it.

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Comments from the son of the creator of 5BX

5BX Insights - contributed by Jerry Orban

Can you give us some insights to your father?

My father was an inspiration to all he met and was first and foremost a devoted family man. He left us with a huge legacy of love, beautiful memories and many, many valuable lessons on how to live well and die well which he imparted largely through his example….As for his struggle for recognition detailed in his biography, he eventually won that battle and lived to reap the benefits of the recognition. He did this not for personal gain, but out of principal. He never sought financial gain in the form of royalties, and never received any, except for a one dollar bill which a sympathetic 5BX user sent to him. He framed it and it still hangs in his study at home as a reminder to us all to fight the good fight when you know you’re right!

Dad died without any regrets or misgivings and in complete peace after a long and full life. We miss him dearly but somehow the usual grief one would expect hasn’t gripped us the way it does most who have lost someone so central to their lives. Instead, his spirit continues to inspire and it lives on in the legacy of his work and in the gifts of life and love which he gave to his family and everyone he knew. He led the most complete and balanced life of anyone I have known personally. Keeping fit gave him 81 years to achieve his potential. I have always thought that there are only two universal goals we humans share - to live long and be happy. The former is made more possible if we stay active; the latter is always a challenge. My father managed both and therein lays the inspiration.

Did Bill Orban ever consider changing the 5BX in later years?

As far as any revisions my father may have had in mind, I am not aware of anything specific he spoke about that would apply to a program for the general population. My own view is that he gave it his best shot based on the RCAF requirements in the 50’s, reviewed the feedback, made revisions for the first few years, took the learning from the 5BX and moved on to other work.

This is very much the mark of a typical pioneer, which he was: blaze the trail for others to follow, add to your knowledge and experience base and apply it to the next adventure. Having said this, he believed to his last days that the 5BX was still relevant and could be used (with the usual caveats) by virtually anyone.

Also, we have to remember the promise was 5 BASIC exercises, not the ONLY exercises you’ll ever need to do. A fair amount of the preface to the book dealt with the importance of leading a balanced, healthy, active daily life which included a mix of diet and activity i.e. take the stars, walk, etc.

Why did the publication cease in the 80’s?

I am not really sure why publication ceased in the 80’s. I would imagine it had more to do with lack of demand given that the generation that grew up with it had their copies or forgot about it. I am not aware of any significant ground swell of objections to the program from the professional community that would have caused the publisher to stop the presses.

My own opinion is that it simply fell off the radar over time, as many of your “downloaders” have commented
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Comments from 5BX Users

5BX Comments

I was introduced to the RCAF 5BX program in the 50’s, while training in the Coast Guard. At that time it was a requirement that all officers follow the manual.Over the years I mis-placed my copy, and I am so greatful to all who participated in making it available on the WEB.THANK YOU, A 72-year old Korean War Veteran

“This is a program I used for many years and then, as time passed I lost track of it including the booklet. I have searched for it for a long time and decided tonight to check into Google to see what they had to say and guess what!!!?? I have found it. I am 80 years old now and want to get back to it in a modified way.”

" "It may interest you to know that my brother was part of the group tested to come up with this program. He was stationed in Rockcliffe RCAF base in 1959, in Ottawa.

At the same time testing was underway there on the Iroquois Engines for the much loved and mourned AVRO Arrow. I lost the original copy that was his and to find your site fills my heart with gladness. Bless You. I intend to put it to good use!

I’m 38 years old and I used this exercise program 20 years ago. Never had any problems! It’s excellent! Thanks for sharing!

I had the pamphlet a few years back and lost it. I’ve always found the program a good one to ensure that I exercise. Thanks for offering a downloaded version.

I used this fitness program 30 years ago, but could not find my original book. Thanks for the website so I can begin this regimine again. I found it perfect for me and very affective.

My father (USAF) recommended this exercise plan to me when I was in college (1967-1971). I was very impressed with the quick results. Since that time I’ve wished I had saved my copy of the book, I felt this plan was one of the best I ever used for quick and easy full body conditioning. My son, age 19, is very interested in an exercise plan that works. I can highly recommend the 5BX plan.

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Going from excess baggage to a trim body.

Going from excess baggage to a trim body.

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Slight concern

Given this plan was written in the fifties, knowledge about kinesiology has come a long way - The sit ups are problematic - situps in this style: legs flat, sitting up straight; not only does this not work your abdominals well (hip flexors, sure, but those are very strong muscles anyway) it also places a lot of stress on your back. 

Rather than do the exercises as scripted, from chart two I plan to do “crunch situps” - knees bent, rolling first the shoulders off the floor, then the rest of the torso. Don’t hook your feet under anything. If you can sit right up, that’s great, but don’t worry if you cant. 

EDIT: That’s what most people do - I think I mentioned it early on, to do crunches instead of sit-ups. I’m hoping that’s what folks are doing, anyway. Otherwise they’ll get a sore back!

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